ALD Automotive

With ALD we cooperate on automation of processes like automatic filling of contracts for operational leasing.

The goal of the project is to start Robot Process Automation from company UI Path an automated manual filing of documents.

Key services




Automize almost everything

Examples of possibly automized processes:

  • Early termination of the contract
  • Proper termination of the contract
  • Import of contracts

Process of purchase of electronic tolls vignettes (ETV)

Robot downloads daily from designated database a list of license plate numbers of cars in need to purchase ETV with certain validity (next workday - robot checks weekends and public holidays too). The robot processes the purchase itself creates sets of cars on the portal according to the validity of ETV and type of engine. Then goes to order resume and checks if the validity of ETV is correct, according to data from the database. If any unclarity is found, the responsible employee is informed and he fixes the mistakes by hand.

After the resume robot makes the final step before payments, specifies the email address for the order confirmation and payment method. Then the robot fills in data from the credit card and waits for approval from the side of the responsible employee. If he does not confirm and the transaction does not happen, the robot tries to finish the order one more time and in case of failure automatically sends a text message to the employee. In case of success, the list of license plate numbers with ETV comes to the email given while ordering, and this list is automatically written to the database. Robot makes new entries to the company system watching the costs of operational leasing.

View of the RPA process on the monitor

Do you have a similar project and want to implement it?

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