S-Power Energies

We consider ourselves to be a long-term partner of the S-Power Energies company, a supplier of complex technological services.

The S-Power Energies brand is active on the market since 2016, and since then has thousands of satisfied clients in the Czech Republic and England. It is active in the whole of the Czech Republic, where it has three branches – in Prague, Brno, and Rýmařov. The company does not use outsourcing, and always relies solely on their own trained employees. It is our honor to be its technological partner already for a couple of years.

Key services


Power App




About the project

The S-Power Energies company had to largely improve the effectiveness of creating and processing documentation regarding the installation of photovoltaic power plants, from requests from the distributor to documents needed for clearing the grant. Company employees have used an outdated software for creating this documentation, and not a very automated processing model, which was largely dependent on the human factor. Our and our client's goal was to replace routine manual labor with advanced technologies, increase the level of automation, and decrease the time of processes execution.


Our way to the solution

While creating the architecture solution, we agreed with the client to create the solution on Google Workspace allowing a future transition to Office 365.

In the first stage, we delivered an MVP (Minimal Viable Product) for generating handover protocols, and in the 6-coming months, a complex application, HDG, was created. The front-end and back-end layer was solved in Google Workspace, which serves as storage of all generated documents including their revisions as well.

Main benefits of our solution

  • A much faster and fully automated process of project documentation creation
  • Acceleration of internal company processes from days to hours
  • Decrease in risk of errors compared to the previous solution

The employees of the client can now dedicate more time to more added value tasks for their employer.


Do you have a similar project and want to implement it?

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